Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poetry From Yester-years

I have been going through all my old "memory" boxes for a blog post that I am working on. As I was going through all of them I found quite a bit of poetry. I figured I would share a couple poems with you, enjoy!

Someone Once Told Me (2003)

someone once told me to write from my heart, I already did.
Someone once told me never to do drugs, I never did.
Someone once told me never to argue, I said that was my best subject. 
Someone once told me not to push my luck, I already had.
But once, someone told me I was stupid, and no one wanted me because I was adopted, I just cried.

Like Him (2003)

I wish I could write like him.
I wish I had the passion to see how he sees.
I wish I had the courage to act the way he does.
I wish I were brave enough to ask like him.
I wish I could feel pain and sorrow the way he does.
Is it fair that he could be so perfect when I have so many flaws?

Love and Hugs,


  1. It's nice that you still have kept these after all these years. I also had diaries since I was like 9 years old and still keeping it. It's nice to read those after years. :)


    1. It was fun to look back through them all and see what I was seeing and thinking at the time.