Sunday, January 20, 2013

Random thoughts of the week

Welcome to Sara's Random Thoughts of the Week, I was thinking of doing this weekly, but maybe thats to much. Anyways, it's just a collection of random thoughts that I felt like sharing yet didn't want to bog Facebook down with.
  • I'm fasting Starbucks, and dining out for 10 more days. I contemplated going to panama red for an iced coffee this morning. The more I think about it though, I kinda realize I'm fasting Starbucks, I gave that up for God, and if I am replacing it with Panama Red I am not truly fasting. At least in the case of Starbucks/panama red.

  • So, sad random fact about me: I always have food in my purse, currently I have prunes, trail mix bars, pistachios, a Lara bar, a banana and applesauce. You never know when you(or someone else) might need to eat.

  • 3 things, I think I am wearing men's socks, I was to lazy to wash my hair so I put it in a 2 layer ponytail and pinned my bangs back, and I am wearing the same clothes I wore last night(new underpants of course though) because I only wore them for a few hours and they were still clean.

Haha, Hope you totally enjoyed that and got a good laugh in!

Love and Hugs,

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  1. pinning bangs back is a great cure for unwashed hair! And yes, I think it's very important that we must be aware when we are fasting of whether we're just trying to replace one yummy thing with another yummy thing, rather than exercising self-control!