Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be Thankful!

Here's a question for you:
Could you thank God for the bad things as well as the good? 
Its easy to thank God for all the good things, but, what if you had a miscarriage?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Says 
Always be Joyful
Never stop praying
Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you, who belong to Christ Jesus

Up until a few days ago I would have said "Yes, I can thank go for the bad as well as the good", and while it wouldn't have been a lie, it wouldn't really be the truth either. I wasn't very convincing to myself, and if I couldn't even convince myself, then surely I wasn't convincing God. 

On Tuesday I was praying, and I was praying really hard, probably the hardest I have ever prayed. I am talking snot dripping out of my nose, crying hard(sorry, TMI, I am sure). When I was done praying I opened up my bible app on my cellphone and the above scripture is what I saw. Within the next few minutes I realized I had heard this verse before but as "in everything give thanks". "In everything give thanks" that right there was the piece of scripture that made me start praying to God and thanking him for my miscarriage. While I thought about that for a few minutes I realized I was looking at it wrong, and God gave me a new perspective on how I was thanking him.
 Instead of praying  "Lord God, Thank you for my miscarriage." I should be praying "Lord God, Thank you so much for letting me be a mother, even though I cannot hold my our precious child in my arms right now, one day, I will. I cannot wait for that day!"

Maybe you have lost a loved one recently, I have, and instead of praying "Thank you Lord for letting my Grandpa die" I should be praying "Thank you Lord for allowing me 26 years with my grandpa, thank you for ending his suffering!"

Its hard to be thankful for some things, but know that this is all part of Gods will for you. This happened for a reason. I hope this post helps someone out there.

Love and Hugs,

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