Sunday, November 3, 2013

Product Review: Eat keenwa krunch


About a month ago I saw Eat Keenwa Krunch mentioned in a VLOG, immediately I was intrigued, I am a major quinoa lover, and I knew I needed to try it. Having no clue where to even look for the product I reached out to the company on twitter and asked if they offered samples. They replied and said they did, and would send some out to me. 

They sent me all 3 flavors, vanilla almond raisin, cinnemon banana strawberry, and walnut date agave. I opend each bag and tried them right away, and well, I am in love. At first they reminded me of a nature valley granola bar, I love those too, but stopped eating them because they weren't all that good for me. I tried Eat Keenwa Krunch on its own, and over yogurt, although they were a great substitute for the regular granola, I preferred them on their own . I pop them in a baggie and take them with me for an on the go snack. You could also put them in a bowl, pour some milk over them and have them as cereal. Basically eat them any way you woulda eat granola..  

 Eat Keenwa Krunch retails for 4.99 per bag or 14.95 for a pack of all 3 flavors.

Their website:

Note: Eat Keenwa Krunch did send me theses products to try, however all opinions are my own.