Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wow! 15 Followers

Hey guys and gals! 
I just noticed that there are 15 of you following my blog! 
That's amazing! I started this blog for me, and the fact that there are 15 of you out there reading the totally random things that come out of my brain, well, its awesome! I hope you all continue to follow my blog.

Lets celebrate with 15 random things that happened to me today...

1. My dog threw up all over me/the floor (thank goodness she missed the bed) at 2 this am.
2. I had a doctors appointment (clean bill of health YAY)
3. My doctor ordered me a blood serum pregnancy test (No, I didn't get it done. No, I am not pregnant)
4. I went to the store to get tomato sauce today.
5. While at the store I dropped tomato sauce on myself. (short people problems)
6. I cooked chili for my church's family night
7. I dance bombed Arthur ((the youth pastor at my church) I am pretty sure he had no idea)
8. I didn't eat the turkey chili I cooked for everyone else. I had chicken tikka masala that I made.

Wow, coming up with 15 things seems kinda tough..

9. I put on a pair of pants that I bought over the summer thinking they still wouldn't fit. Well they do.
10. I had bacon and cookies for desert
11. I drank a chia seed drink.(these are so yummy, you should drink one too.)
12. I wrote a post about praying for our pastors and posted it on my churches facebook page
13. I opened a blog lovin account (technically I may have done this yesterday)
14. I hacked someones Facebook, well sorta... (they think I am awesome! lol)
15. I reached 15 GFC Followers!

Love and Hugs,

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