Friday, February 8, 2013

Letters to my Former Single Self Link-up Week 3


Over the years, what did you learn you needed in a significant other? What did you learn about yourself?

Dear younger Sara,
It has taken you a long time to know what you truly need in a significant other. You have been married to Kevin for almost 5 years now, and while you know more of what you need now more then all those years ago, you don't necessarily have them. Hopefully one day you will. Here's what you know you need:

  • Someone who loves you for you, and does not want to try and change you into someone else.
  • Someone who loves God more then they love you.
  • Someone who loves you more then they love their mom, or at least just as much.(Basically you DON'T need a mama's boy)
  • Someone who has got your back hen you get in an argument with someone, no matter how wrong you might be. (hehe)
  • You need a prince, maybe not like "Charming",but you need someone who is going to treat you like a princess.
  • You need a partner who is going to remember all the little things that are important to you
  • YOU NEED SOMEONE WHO LIKES ONIONS!!!(Haha, Kevin hates onions and you are constantly trying to get him to "like" them or saying "If I ever do this again he will like onions!")
  • You need trust
  • You need friendship, its not enough to love or be in love with your partner, you need to like them too! (words of wisdom from my friend Melissa)
  • You need someone ho will always kiss you goodnight, as long as you are with them, NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Going along the same vein, someone who will always kiss you goodbye
  • Forgiveness
  • Communication
  • Words of affirmation (aka, "I love you", "You're pretty, beautiful" etc., "I am proud of you", "You're special")
  • Someone who has the same values and beliefs as you do.
  • Patience
  • Someone who will answer your questions, no matter how stupid.
  • Someone who will left you up, not beat you down.

I am sure I could keep going, but this is a good start!

You are so passionate, and you love everyone (this is a blessing, and a curse). you try never to judge anyone and you see everyone else's pain. you have had some really horrible things happen, and its led you to be the kind and loving person you are today. You know that you need and want more out of the relationship you have with Kevin, and you are striving hard to get there. Remember last week, relationships are hard work!

Love you
Your future self!


  1. My husband always kisses me goodnight. Even if I am mad at him haha. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love this post, after being married for 30 years and now divorced, I have finally found a partner who ticks all those boxes :)
    Started following on GFC and bloglovin because you definitely deserve more followers :) Hope you can check out my blog and maybe follow back if you enjoy it. I am working towards getting to 300 followers by the end of this week, just a little blog goal i set for myself
    Angela x