Monday, February 4, 2013

An Amateur Football Fans Superbowl Commentary

Disclaimer: I do not know very much about football, I have never really followed football. The only football games I have ever been to were in high school and I didn't know the difference between a first down and a touch down. Enjoy my commentary! Oh and I was rooting for the Ravens!

The Sandy Hook Choir kids were so cute! Gave J.Hud a run for her money..
Alicia Keys, ummm... Well she wasn't horrible... The end.
What is this coin toss thing and why do they need "assistance"? I mean, give me a quarter, Ill do it!
Humm, "Two Broke Girls", this is a show I need to watch!
How is Baltimore the visiting team when the Niners are from California and the game is taking place in New Orleans Louisiana
Where is Baltimore?
Never mind I remember (Maryland)
Oh what pretty uniforms the ravens have, purple!
Hey, when did the game start? I totally missed it!
Whats an illegal formation?
I don't get the yard thing, or the first, second, or third thing
Wide outs or white outs? I don't know...
Are they fighting?
Ouch, that looked painful
Is it like soccer? You know you can only run one way with the ball, points for your team, the other way points for their team?
YAY RAVENS!! Touchdown!
Um, "Go Daddy" = No Daddy! Ick, gross!
Ooo I made coffee
Whoa fight! No? No fight, just me trying to make one up in my mind..
Who has the ball? That little brown thing is had to spot... Ohh Kapernick
How many first downs are there?
What does first and goal mean?
Haha, incomplete... Just sayin
Hey, how did the Niners get 3 points?
Loved the Best Buy commercial
Still first quarter?
Humm, what to make for dinner...
Rice, are they talking about Jerry Rice? No, that's baseball, no wait, ohhh Google! Oh Ray Rice, Ravens player and Jerry Rice is a football player.
Hey, its Penny!
So the Niners have the ball now
(13:50, 2nd quarter)
So in pro football you can dance or show pride/happiness? in high school you couldn't do that...
Looks like a lot of doggy piles going on!
Yay Baltimore's ball!
Oh, hey, I just realized how I can tell who has the ball!(The flags on the field)
How many yards they gotta run?
(8 mins 2nd quarter)
Humm, flags, I don't get all this stuff
Doggy pile!
Oh yeah, another Ravens touchdown!
OK that Go Daddy commercial wasn't so bad.
Um that's a fight, right? For reals, right?
Um, yep yep.
Dang dudes its just a game, sure you get  ring and a trophy, but still!
(6 mins 2nd quarter)
What are these "first downs" they keep talking about?
Oh, almost intercepted
Aw man, overshot it, and now undershot! lol
Not sure how I am feeling about Beyonce.
How do you know who the offence is and who the defense is?
Wait Niners are defence because they are protecting their side?
Love the Coca Cola commercial.
I still need to figure out dinner.
Yo, Jared,  congrats Brah! Lol, that's how the cool people say it right?
Haha I just screamed so loud at the TV, good thing Kevin's not here, he might have freaked a bit
(20 sec, 2nd quarter)
Is it 1/2 time yet?
"Golden Boy" might be a good show.
Did that "Under the Ledge" commercial remind any one else of "The Hunger Games" or just me
Geezola, took forever to get to the 1/2 time show
Is it me, or does Beyonce sound a bit naisaly?
Is that Destiny's Child?
OK just a tad disappointed in the 1/2 time show...
Halo was the best!
Sounds like Oprah
Awe, another cute little kidlet
Haha, "Two Broke Girls", I need to watch this show!
OMGEE screaming to the TV, 108 yards in 11 seconds? That's crazy talk
Did the power just go out?
Haha, the Blackberry, rubber duckies commercial was AWESOME
The Superdome, that's where the people hunkered down during Katrina?
Haha Honey Boo Boo's mom at the prom!
Just imagine how many  toilets are being flushed around the u.s. right this second...
Yay, finally the game is about to start again
Started as a Niner ball, now a Ravens ball
(10 min, 3rd quarter)
Hey, that was Kris Humphries!
Hey, the blind guy, whats his name,  not James Brown, errr, Stevie Wonder!
Niner ball
(9 min, 3rd quarter)
Heckyeah, missed it, ha, Niners are just getting all stopped up
Haha "man bands to boy bands, we gotta change that back" commercial
Kapernick looks confused.
NO! Niners got their first touchdown!
Loved the Psy-pistachio commercial
(3 min 3rd quarter)
Ouch that looked painful
Dang, talk about a turn around
Leon sandcastle haha, good one
Untangling fishing line while watching the Superbowl
Oh jack in the box commercial is pretty funny
Yeah ravens! At first and goal this game is getting close!
Lots of screaming going on in my house!
My hubby says if he was a football payer, and someone asked him what his job was, he would say "I catch the ball, and I run with it... I, Catch the ball, and, I, Run with it..."
Who's the Ravens kicker-punter dude, he looks like a little boy.
Dodge commercial, LAME!
Doggy pile!
Blue 42 Blue 42
Tied, NOOOO!
Babylandia! Hahahaha
Another fast and furious?
Oh good, not tied..
What are these first downs?
SF seems to be getting a lot of fouls.
Miracle Montana stain, hilarious!
(5 mins, 4th quarter)
Good thing I have acrylic nails on otherwise my fingers would be bleeding!
(2 min 4th quarter)
Love that Samsung Galaxy commercial.
Haha I love this thanks for missing it! so much pressure!
I think I need to become a foot ball fan, this yelling at the TV thing is a lot of fun.
Seriously, 11 seconds left and your going to call a timeout? Really?
Good luck Ravens, fair catch, free kick!
Heck yeah RAVENS WIN!!!

If you made it all the way through this, you are awesome, pat yourself on the back!

Love and Hugs,

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