Thursday, December 20, 2012

Look At The Difference

I wrote that in July of 2010. I was 10 months post op gastric bypass surgery. I had lost almost 107 lbs. 

I decided to give that a face lift, see if I can improve or add to it. Since it is hard to read I will type it out down here.

1. I can walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. (Hello, I can now do 40 minutes on the stair master)
2. I can ride a go-cart with room for someone else.
3. I can run longer then 10 seconds without being out of breath. (Um, how about 10 minutes and 46 seconds)
4. Exercise is exhilarating!
5. Size 26 to a size 14 (Some 10's but mostly 12's now)
6. My husband can wrap his arms around me.
7. I can wear my husbands underwear. (just wait until you see you see 20)
8. I can wear lingerie from Victoria Secret.
9. I can slide down a slide.
10. I fit in tubs.
11. I can wear pretty dresses, and feel confident.
12. I can see my collarbones.
13. I can see my hipbones.
14. I can see my ribs.
15. I can see my wrist bones.
16. I can and do cross my legs.
17. I can put my knees to my chest.
18. I can tie my own shoes.
19. My husband can pull me up.

Today my weight is 175.8 lbs which is a loss of 111 lbs. Since I wrote that I got to a low weight of 164.2 (-122.6 lbs) and gained 50 lbs, and now I have lost 38.2 lbs of that regain. So now lets see if I can add 10 more things to this list.

20. I can fit in my husbands size 31x30 pants!
21. I can complete a 5k in less then 45 minutes.
22. I can shop at "skinny people" Forever 21, Wet Seal and the like.
23. I can wear boots.
24. I can wear knee high socks.
25. People (ahem, guys...) tell me I am beautiful. (Which is super duper awkward, I am not sure I will ever get used to it)
26. My husband can pick me up.( Although, last time he did, he dropped me!)
27. I no longer have active PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome)
28. I am happy.
29. I am proud of myself, and what I have accomplished. I may not be where I am going, but I definitely know how to get there!

Love and Hugs,